Cooling chamber

Cooling chamber

The cooling chamber is designed for intensive cooling of the baked bread.

The chamber coolings system uses the air from environment. At high external temperatures air is additionally
cooled down with the cooler and cooling aggregate, which assures the minimal use of the additional energy for


An optimal efficiency of the available bakery area due to the chamber shape itself.

High-quality of the finished product provided by the controlled cooling process.

The possibility of the chamber dimensions' adjustment to the available bakery area.

The possibility of choosing time and cooling intensity according to the individual buyer's needs.

Transport elements or bread carriers and technological parameters are adjusted to different range of products.

The lining with insulation provide for adequate temperature conditions in the chamber, independently from the conditions in the bakery.

All parts of the machine which are in contact with bread are made of food-safe materials.

Completely automated operation system.

Technological and technical characteristics

Machine* Cooling chamber
Inlet air temperature approx. 20°C
Outlet air temperature approx. 70°C
Middle temperature in the chamber approx. 45°C

* The cooling chamber dimensions are made according to the individual buyer's

The basic version of the machine includes

  • painted frame
  • transport system with bread carriers
  • painted platings with insulation
  • control of the machine through the terminal
  • cooling system only with the use of air from environment


  • stainless steel frame
  • stainless steel platings with insulation
  • cooling aggregate