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Exceptional cargo from Gostol, Nova Gorica to Kijev

On 03.09.2013 Gostol's energy saving, 30 m long cyclotermic tunel baking as exceptional cargo left Gostol.

Exceptional cargo from Gostol, Nova Gorica to Kijev

The oven has been delivered assembled in only three units. Exceptional cargo has been put on two long vehicles and one standard vehicle.

This is already the third cyclotermic tunnel baking oven of new generation for the same bakery in Kijev, Ukraine, which has been produced and during the night, delivered from Gostol - Gopan d.o.o. Nova Gorica to Kijev.

The customer from Ukraine trusts Gostol, not only to produce the high technology bakery equipment for producing bread for its bakery, but even to organize exceptional cargo delivery for the cyclotermic tunnel baking oven.

The biggest advantage of delivery of assembled baking oven is, to minimize the time and costs needed for assembling of an tunnel baking oven on the site, in a bakery. In such a case most of the assembling work is professionally done already in the production facility at Gostol in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Gostol - Gopan d.o.o. with reliable suppliers for transport of exceptional cargos (this time Dvig d.o.o., Vrhnika, SI), has been already experienced to offer and to perform for customers full service; projecting, designing, engineering, production, delivery and putting into operation of its industrial bakery equipment.