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Gostol - Gopan equipment for bakery in Romania

Region oriented new bakery in Romania

On the coastside of Romania Gostol equipped new bakery with the modern,energy saving,high automized and technologically advanced equipment.

Gostol - Gopan equipment for bakery in Romania

Every region has its specialities in the bakery product range. In Romania is the most popular bread type - long loaf so called 'franzela'. Gostol has for the Romanian market many experiences with designing, developing, contructing, equipping, putting into operation, and maintenance of new industrial bakery lines.

The lastest achievement was made for a customer in the coastside of Romania. Many conversations, layouts with different possible solutions finally resulted in the most optimal solution agreed between customer and Gostol professional team - a highly automated bakery line for producing wheaten long loaves - 'franzela' and round bread.

After the moulding part of the line, there is a fermentations chamber, constructed in 4 decks and built with special transport belt, on which products comming from the moulding part of the line, are beeing fermented for the preset fermentation time.

Loding and unloading of the fermentation chamber is performed step by step and the production process continues with loading of the different kind of bakery products in to Gostol's low energy consumption cyclotermic tunnel baking oven Type TPN 3 m wide and 22,6 m long.

Buns and rolls, comming from moulding part of the line from other supplier are fermented also in the Gostol fermentation chamber, where bakery product of almost any size and any weight can be fermented. Afer the controlled fermentation proces, buns and rolls are baked in the Gostol oven.

Operation of the line is totally automatic and gives to the operator easy and fast control of the entire production process.

The bakery line has a possibillity to produce wide range of products, with capacities up to 4200 pcs/h.

Bakery products from the line are already on the Romanian market.