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High-quality bread, baked on Gostol oven satisfies the clients’ needs in Wisconsin, USA

High-quality bread, baked on Gostol oven satisfies the clients’ needs in Wisconsin, USA

High-quality bread, baked on Gostol oven satisfies the clients’ needs in Wisconsin, USA

Bread is one of the goods daily enjoyed by the consumers throughout the whole world. Tasty and high-quality bread of beautiful shapes, prepared on the basis of a traditional recipe and a wide selection of bakery products, is a wish of the present final consumers. Numerous bakeries in the USA as well as in other parts of the world are totaly aware of demands and needs of the present final consumers; therefore they adapt the daily production of bread and other bakery products to the market demands.

One of such adjustable bakeries is a family bakery called Paielli's Bakery in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which also uses sophisticatedly developed, flexible, robust and tested equipment – Indirect fired tunnel oven of »Gostol« trademark, and among other thing also offers overall solutions for bakeries.

In the Gostol Group, the employees are specialized for outlining, laying out, consultancy and selling of the bakery equipment either for new bakeries or for the existing ones, which decide to change the old equipment for a new one or merely for upgrading it.

Before purchase, while searching for optimal solutions for Paielli's Bakery, the representatives of Paelli's Bakery also established a close partnership contact with the manufacturer of Gostol equipment. The latter presented them the advantages of an indirect fire tunnel oven during its operation in reference bakeries. Gostol produced, delivered and assembled the ordered product, i.e. the indirect fire tunnel oven of dimensions 12 x 60 ft., for Paielli's Bakery within the agreed deadline. Due to a revolutionary design, the oven was delivered already assembled. Therefore, the assembly from the oven supply to its start-up lasted only for 20 days. The oven start-up should also be highlighted. Gostol experts together with the main baker of the bakery set the oven to the extent that the dough products achieved all high-quality parameters and were suitable for immediate sale. In this way, the client saved a lot of time and money. The team of Gostol experts also provided for a successful practical training.

Paelli's Bakery started to operate in the market already in 1923, when the family company employed 5 people. Throughout the years, the company has adapted to the needs of the market and buyers and throughout its history, it has significantly expanded its production. Today, Paelli's bakery produces high-quality bread on the basis of preserved tested recipes with a wide range of excellent products. The bakery employs 80 people and the »state of the art« manufacturing process, which provides for a high daily capacity of baking of various bakery products, uses Gostol energy saving, state-of-the-art equipment of high quality, where the controlled production and easy management are provided.

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The company T & T from Illinois , business partner of the Gostol Group in USA, combined all technical-technological requests of Paiell's Bakery and successfully passed it on to Gostol. Thus, it successfully affected Gostol robust equipment for bakeries, which provided for today's efficient production of high-quality bread, tailored to the market, satisfying the daily needs of bread of numerous inhabitants in Wisconsin in the USA.



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