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New achievement of the company Gostol-Gopan – cyclothermic tunnel oven

The biggest Slovenian manufacturer of the bakery equipment can boast about its latest achievement. On Monday 23rd May, a totally new cyclothermic tunnel oven was shipped.

It is the first oven of a new generation of tunnel ovens; a fruit of the company's own development and experience. The oven was manufactured in Nova Gorica for the demanding Norwegian market. It was shipped in one piece with a special transportation.

The prototype of cyclothermic tunnel oven is the result of work of the Gostol-Gopan Research and Development Centre. The Centre combines together experts from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, informatics and food technology. The entire development and preparation of documentation took place for two years. The company can boast that the prototype was produced for a concrete buyer, i.e. Mesterbakeren AS, Stange in Norway. The oven was produced for baking of pan wheat bread with the capacity 30 tonnes per day.

Gostol-Gopan's new cyclothermic tunnel oven is designed for baking all types of bread. The main goals and directions in development of a new cyclothermic tunnel oven have been efficiency and energy saving, carefully planned construction providing for shortening of the assembly procedure. The oven excels in lower consumption of thermal and electrical energy, while high-quality materials and precise production provides for shorter assembly procedure. The oven is lower, thus requiring less space. it is produced at the client's request and totally automated.

With the new generation of tunnel ovens the company Gostol-Gopan ranks among the best producers in this line of business and aims at spread of sales across the most demanding markets.

30m long, 4.20m wide and 4m high composition left the company Gostol-Gopan on 23rd May in the evening. It is travelling on roads up to Denmark where it will embark on a ferry and presumably arrive in bakery in Norway on 30th May. The oven transportation will take place only during the night accompanied by vehicles and the police. The company Gostol-Gopan has already some experience with such transports, but not on so long distance routes.