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Silver award for Gostol innovation - 'System for dough prepairing - ROBOMIX'

Most na Soči, Slovenia, 13 th June,2013 Chamber of commerce Slovenia – regional part for Nord Primorska region elected between the best companies for innovations in region for the year 2012.

Silver award for Gostol innovation - 'System for dough prepairing - ROBOMIX'

Professional electoral committee has honoured company Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. Nova Gorica for the innovation ' System for dough prepairing – ROBOMIX' with silver reward.

For development of innovation has been needed a lot of original ideas, enthusiasm and immeasurable effort, which was given from two people working at R & D at Gostol - Gopan company; Mr. Edo Bizjak & Mr. Anton Gleščič.

All colleagues from Gostol – Gopan would like to express all respect to inovators, while this is an enormous important work for the entire compay Gostol – Gopan and would like to congratulate for the success, which has been made.

With this innovation Gostol – Gopan d.o.o. importantly spreads its offer for optimal bakery solutions for the bakeries.

Innovations are a part of Gostol – Gopan mission and the latest innovation named 'ROBOMIX' brings to the bakeries high level of optimization in process for preparing the dough, which can be admired from the users of new part of bakery equipment, named ROBOMIX, made by Gostol - Gopan, always innovative company.