Dough divider SOČA

Dough divider SOČA

The dough dividers SOCA M.01 and SOCA MP.01 are automatic dough dividers designed for dividing of all types of dough, including soft and stiff types of dough, wheaten and especially rye dough types.

The machine's sturdy construction makes it particularly usable in automatic make-up plants.

This two versions of the divider differ in the type of knife drive.

The SOCA MP.01 is equipped with a pneumatically driven knife ensuring the composition of a larger dough piece without intermediate cutting.


Automatic lubrication of all mechanisms.

The knife's lubrication prevents the dough from sticking.

Regulation of the dough pieces' shape by swapping the diaphragms.

High dividing accuracy.

All parts in contact with dough are made of alimentary irreproachable materials.

Easy access to all parts in contact with dough facilitates the machine's cleaning.

The machine's sturdy construction ensures a long life-span of the machine.

Technological and technical characteristics

Machine SOČA M.01 SOČA MP.01
Machine capacity (pcs/h)* 800-2700* 800-2700*
Range of dividing (g) (350**)400-2400 (350**)400-2400
Max. number of composed pieces (g) 1 *2500 5 * 2500
Regulation of weight motor motor
Knife drive main drive pneumatic cylinder  
Oil consumtion for 1000 pcs/h (l) 0,15 0,15
Installed power (kW) 2,8 2,8
Machine weight (kg) 865 865

* Capacity depends on dough weight and type.
** for very soft dough

Basic version of SOČA M and MP includes

  • stainless steel platings
  • flour dredger (manually settings of flour dusting intensity)
  • basic electric equipment
  • gravitationally oiling of knife and mounth-piece
  • hopper 60 l (with air exit unit)
  • mouth-piece with 3 pcs of diaphragms (for dough pieces 400-1200g)
  • motor-driven regulation of capacity
  • feeding drums with middle division of grooves
  • flour dredger
  • standard transport conveyer L=400mm


  • PLC control
  • ATT control with touch panel
  • prolonged transport conveyer T630mm
  • transport conveyor with own drive TM400mm
  • hooper 100 l (with air exit unit)
  • hooper 140 l (with air exit unit)
  • hooper 190 l (with air exit unit)
  • oiling of cutting knife – pneumatically
  • package U2-4 (4 pcs of diaphragms – dough pieces weights (350)400-2500 g)
  • package U3-3 (3 pcs of diaphragms – dough pieces weights (350)400-2500 g)
  • drums - grave division of grooves (for soft types of dough)
  • drums – (both; with middle division and grave division of drums' groove)
  • heightened frame by: 90 mm, 270 mm
  • heightened frame by 360 mm, 450
  • automatic check weigher