DEPANNER for automatic depanning of bread from pans (with vacuum or needles) and placing of the depanned bread from the pans’ conveyor on the bread conveyor.


Installation in the existing lines and possibility to use on the majority of pan lines

»Pick and place system« operation

Possibility to select the gripping system (suction pads – vacuum or mechanically- needles)

Flexibility considering the setting up of conveyors in a line, adaptability to different heights and interspaces between the conveyors

Cycle time optimization

Air blowing-in for an easier lifting.

Possibility of installation of the cyclone for collection of sucked-in particles

Possibility of software adjustment of vertical and horizontal movement

Speed regulation (cycle length– capacity) PLC control

Possibility of programming own conditions, positions, speed for each product separately...

Anti-noise protection of the blower

Perception of the bread height on the basis of which the height of the gripper and safe dropping of the pans with too high bread at first is adapted

Perception of not emptied pans

For vertical movement there is a possibility to install the pneumatic cylinder with guides


Exchangeable plates

Fast removable plates – easy cleaning of various pans with suction pads

Perceptive silicon suction pads for metals' detector

Easy cleaning of the gripper

Fast change of suction pads without screwing


Adaptation of vacuum to various quality of the bread surface. It also enable picking up bread covered in seeds (flax, poppy, sesame, wheat ...)

Parts of the machine in contact with dough are made of high-quality materials, not harmful for the use in food industry, providing for long lifespan.

Automatic stopping in the position for cleaning facilitates the machine cleaning.

Provides for 24-hour long operation.

Gripping system Suction pads - vacuum Mechanically - needles Suction pads – vacuum
Lifting system Linear guide + incremental generator
adjustable height
Linear guide + incremental generator adjustable height Pneumatic cylinder + fixed height
Standard  Safety mesh fixed inlet/outlet Safety mesh fixed inlet/outlet Pneumatic cylinder for vertical lifting
Safety mesh of side frontal/back doors Safety mesh of side frontal/back doors Safety mesh fixed inlet/outlet
Air blowing-in Air blowing-in Safety mesh of side frontal/back doors
Cyclone Measurement of the bread height with the measuring curtain Air blowing-in
Vacuum regulation Cover presence Vacuum regulation
Safety at the door Safety at the door Cover presence
    Safety at the door

Option Filter
Vacuum control
Measurement of the bread height with the measuring curtain
Cover presence
Max. size of the gripper 600 mm x 1200 mm 600 mm x 1200 mm 300mm x 1000 mm
Max. machine capacity 3500kg/h -5500kg/h.
3500kg/h -5500kg/h. -1500kg/h
Cycle maximum time 7,5s 7,5s 15s
Inlet conveyor height 750mm 750mm 750mm
Outlet conveyor height < + 250mm < + 250mm 200mm (fiksno)
Distance between the conveyors < 1000mm < 1000mm Do 1000mm
Weight (kg) 1100kg 1100kg 850kg
Nom. voltage (V) 400VAC 400VAC 400VAC
Frequency (Hz) 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Nom. current (A) 30 A 30 A 30 A
Connection power (kW) 13 kW 13 kW 2 kW 13 kW
* air consumption 60 l/min 60 l/min 60 l/min
air work pressure 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
voltage 24 V, DC 24 V, DC 24 V, DC
** device dimensions, H,W,L 3800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm 2800mm, 2000mm, 1800mm 2500mm, 2100mm, 2000mm

* air consumption depends on the number of beds during blowing-in
** dimensions are only approximate and may substantially deviate from the actual state, since they depend on the capacity, type, quality and shape of bread