Thermo-oil tunnel oven Triglav

Thermo-oil tunnel oven Triglav

Thermo-oil tunnel ovens are universal ovens used for continuous baking of all types of bread and pastry at temperature up 300°C.

Transport through the baking area can be executed by means of a knitted steel mesh (TPN), granite plates (TPN_GP) and a hinge blade (TPN_S). The heating medium used is thermal oil. It works as an independent unit or within the automated lines' assembly.


Use of thermal oil as a heating medium provides for extreme efficiency and, at the same time, for gentle transmission of heat on the product. For this reason, products baked in such an oven are of higher quality and retain their freshness for a longer period of time.

Temperature regulation in individual temperature zones is very precise +-2 C.

Lower energy consumption, which means fuel saving and cleaner environment. High-quality insulation and special construction provides for an additional energy saving.

All key elements are installed in the way to simplify the maintenance. Completely automatic control and supervision of the baking process.

The boiler room is located in a separated area providing for a longer life time of a burner, easier maintenance and less noise in the bakery.

The oven drive is a direct one with the planetary reduction gear providing for better transmission efficiency and especially decreasing maintenance work and prolonging the lifetime.

The oven inlet and outlet are adapted according to other equipment or buyer's wishes.

Modern oven outlook.

Additional possibilities of energy saving with the automatic steam flow regulation and the possibility of installation of fume and steam recuperators.

Oven height is only 1.8 m and the transport of already assembled oven is possible.

Oven is controlled by the electronic controller (PLC) through the touch-screen where all parameters of the oven, diagrams, alarms and connection with Gostol may be supervised....

Technological and technical characteristics

Surface (m2) 25 – 135
Width (m) 2.1; 2.5; 3.0
Length (m by steps 1,5 m) 12,1 – 45,1

Basic oven version contains

  • PLC control
  • stainless steel platings
  • manual regulation of flaps for steam outlets

Basic version of thermo-oil boiler room contains:

  • manual control in the boiler room
  • heating medium; gas, oil, combined, electricity


Oven options

  • Partition curtains for the steam generation zone adjustable by height
  • Fans
  • Steam flow automatic regulation
  • Steam outlet automatic regulation
  • Air/water for steam recuperator
  • Steam outlet – Steam outlet are insulated stainless pipes of height up to 6 m with clamps, anchor rope, roof border, spacers and finishing cap. Number of steam outlets (OP) depends on the oven length. Over 6 m of height the price changes.

Boiler room options:

  • Boiler tandem In order to increase the reliability of boiler room's operation, two parallelly linked small boilers may be installed instead of one boiler. In this case there are not only two boilers but also two circulation pumps.
  • by-pass pump – An additional pump is paralellelly linked to the existing circulation pump in the boiler room. In case of the breakdown of one pump valves are switched over and the system operates with the other pump.
  • Boiler room control from the oven The boiler room is electrically connected with the oven electric cabinet, thus it is possible to control the boiler room on the control terminal: nightly start-up of the boiler room, setting of the desired oiltemperature from the boiler room and display of alarms of the boiler room on the oven control terminal.
  • Protection of thermo-oil with nitrogen. If you want to extend the life period of thermo-oil, it must be protected against oxygen at temperature above 80 0C. For this purpose, a system for oil protection with nitrogen shall be additionally installed.
  • Pump for filling and emptying of oil in the system. Additional pump is used for filling the system with oil from the steel barrels or from the collecting vessel. It is also used for emptying of the system.
  • Gas flow meter On the gas track a gas flow meter is additionally installed. This also enables monitoring of gas consumption on the oven.
  • Fast oil cooling-down Additional valves and control are additionally installed for fast oil cooling down. When you need to fast cool down the oven, you cool down oil so that you draw out oil from an expansion tank in the system.
  • Heat exchanger Fume gases heat from the thermo-oil boiler may be used for heating of sanitary water. By installing a recuperator, up to 10 % of thermo-oil boiler power can be obtained.
  • Steam generator Steam generator is heated with thermo-oil and linked to the boiler room from the oven thermo-oil. The oven boiler capacity must be adequately increased. The steam generator is of compact version and has an installed system for water preparation.