Bowl lifting and tilting device DP 1

Bowl lifting and tilting device DP 1

The bowl lifting and tilting devices DP 1 and DP 10 are designed for lifting and discharging removable bowls of all types of dough mixers.

The bowl lifting and tilting device DP 1 is available in three versions according to the discharging height:
standard (1800 - 2400 mm), low (up to 1800 mm) and high (2400 - 2600 mm).

Both lifting and tilting devices allow the possibility of adapting the driving direction and bowl tilting direction and device equipment.


A carefully designed construction solution assures optimal exploitation of space in the
bakery and the possibility of lifting different types of trolleys with the bowl.

Possibility of bowl lifting and discharging at different heights.

Bowl tilting to different directions.

Lifting is performed through a screw spindle and a moving nut, assuring safe functioning, long life span and minimal maintenance operations.

Different options available for various versions of the device.

Technological and technical characteristics

Load capacity (kg) 700 700 700
Discharging height (mm) up to 1800 1800-2400 2400-2600
Installed power (kW) 1,5 1,5 1,5
Device dimensions (mm) (L x W x H) 3150x2000x3390 3620x2400x3770 3840x2600x3970
Device weight (kg) 960 1010 1030

Basic version of the DP1

  • lifting device with bowl support for a single size of trolleys with bowl
  • safety ring

Options for DP 1

  • bowl support for two sizes of trolleys with bowl
  • trolley with bowl from other manufacturer
  • bowl drive (without scraper)