Spiral dough mixer with removable bowl SMH N

Spiral dough mixer with removable bowl SMH N

The spiral dough mixer SMH with removable bowl assures high quality kneading of wheaten and mixed types of dough.

Four different types of mixer SMH are available, differing in the maximum quantity of dough being kneaded.


The optimal mixing arm's design and proper drive enable high quality kneading, both at maximum and minimum dough quantity in the bowl.

The mixer allows two speed mixing – mixing up (the bowl is turning anticlockwise) and kneading.

The mixing times are programmable.

The changing of bowls enables a large number of batches on a single mixer.

The split cover allows corrections of dough, addition of components during mixing and manual discharging of dough.

Simple control through an electronic control panel (input of kneading and mixing time).

The bowl friction drive prevents overloading of the mixing arm.

Bowl clamping and mixing arm lifting are performed over a hydraulic unit.

The washer on the cover prevents flour dusting.

The cover is made of stainless steel cover allowing easy cleaning.

Large rubber wheels allow easy moving of bowls at full load.

Technological and technical characteristics

MACHINE SMH 75 SMH 100 SMH 125 SMH 150
Max. wheaten flour quantity (kg) 75 100 125 150
Max. wheaten flour quantity for stiff dough (kg) 50 65 70 50
Min. flour quantity (kg) 5 5 5 10
Man. dough quantity (kg) 120 160 200 240
Bowl volume (I) 240 270 300 410
Installed power (kW) 10,15 10,15 14,65 17,6
Dimensions of the machine (mm) (LxWxH) 1720x895x1380 1720x895x1380 1720x895x1380 1810x1120x1560
Height of the machine with lifted cover (mm) 1750 1840 1960 2120
Dimensions of packed machine (mm) 1850x1120x1570 1850x1120x1570 1850x1130x1570 1950x1330x1770
Dimensions of packed trolley with bowl (mm) 1000x1050x1050 1000x1050x1050 1000x1050x1100 1150x1100x1100
Machine weight (kg) 980 985 1080 1220
Gross machine weight (kg) 1080 1110 1130 1350
Gross weight of trolley with bowl (kg) 245 250 260 370

Basic version of the machine includes

  • split bowl cover made of stainless steel
  • electronic control panel
  • hydraulic mixing arm lifting
  • hydraulic bowl clamping
  • friction drive of bowl
  • painted frame
  • painted trolley with stainless steel bowl and handle


  • stainless steel frame for SMH 75, SMH 100 and SMH 125
  • additional trolley with bowl (painted or stainless steel frame)
  • temperature probe
  • bowl scraper
  • electronic control panel with PLC