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Line for free baked long loaves

Industrial bakery lines for free-baked long loaves provide for efficient baking of wheat, mixed, mixed wheat-rye, rye-wheat or rye longitudinal long loaves. The line capacity may reach up to 6,400 piece/hour.

" Guaranteed line flexibility. "


  • hygienic design of machineries
  • line facilitated cleaning with design solutions (IK)
  • easy line management
  • only 1 person supervises the operating line
  • easy and fast setting of machineries
  • full machinery automation in the line
  • management and supervision over operation trough the touch-screen panel
  • possibility of selecting a desired type of pocket /gutter corresponding to the product dimension
  • possibility of baking or oven use without the line operation (special products)
  • turn-key project from silos to packaging

Process phases

  • Dough preparation (direct and indirect processes)
  • Dough processing (make up)
  • Fermentation
  • Baking
  • Products’ cooling
  • Cutting and packaging


Industrial line for production of free-baked longitudinal loaves is completely tailored to the buyer's requirements and various technologies of the bread production itself are provided with respect to the final product.

Within optimal solutions providing for the production of longitudinal loaves, Gostol Group offers many types of fermentation chambers and ovens, which also adjust in size to the space, where the production line for free-baked longitudinal loaves takes place.

Shaped dough may be fermented in various types of pockets:

  • in grooves coated with tissue,
  • wooden or plastic pockets,
  • on tins in the chamber on the tins or
  • on the belt in the tunnel chamber.

For baking of the fermented products, there is an option of choosing various types of oven

  • cyclothermich tunnel baking ovens of a new generation or thermal-oil ovens providing for the energy-efficient operation and reduction of C02 release in the environment. By means of recovery, the efficiency of the whole bakery is optimal, since only this provide for the re-use of residual heat. The third option is baking of free-baked long loaves in electric ovens.

Industrial lines are mono-productive, where only one form of a product may be produced, or combined ones, where free-baked loaves as well as round loaves are produced as a combination.

Line for free baked long loaves