• hygienic design of machineries
  • line facilitated cleaning with design solutions (IK)
  • easy line management
  • easy and fast setting of machineries
  • full machinery automation in the line
  • equipment adaptation to a desired final product shape
  • possibility of the use of the first line part (pan part) also for production of toasted bread or a range of products provided by the line for pan bread
  • management and supervision over operation trough the touch-screen panel
  • turn-key project from silos to packaging

Process phases

  • Dough preparation (direct and indirect processes)
  • Dough processing (make up)
  • Fermentation
  • Baking
  • Products’ cooling
  • Cutting
  • Re-backing
  • Products distribution
  • Products packaging


Production lines for production of rusk are made of Gostol equipment and equipment of renown equipment’s manufacturers, which complements the whole baking line.

The equipment for rusk production is robust; it provides for an automated and supervised process of the rusk production and offers an adequate quality of the final product.

Line for rusk bread