Belt Rounder TOOS 2400.1

Belt Rounder TOOS 2400.1

Belt rounder TOOS is designed for round moulding of soft rye, rye-wheat and other sticking types of dough.

V-letter shaped belts, rotating one against the other one, provide for optimal moulding of round dough


Belts are opened and closed with the manual wheel. It is suitable for intermediate (before longitudinal) as well as final moulding of loaves. It is especially useful in manufacturing lines.


Speeds of conveyor belts may be changed and thus achieve different rounding intensities. The belts run in opposite directions, which causes dough pieces rolling; in this way dough optimal shape is achieved.

The distance between conveyor belts may be changed according to the dough moulding pieces' weight.

The belts are made of material preventing dough sticking.

There is a flour dredger preventing additional dough sticking on the machine inlet part above the conveyors.

The machine is transportable on wheels and adjustable by height.

Technological and technical characteristics

  TOOS 2400.1
Machine capacity 2400
Weigh of dough moulding pieces (g)** 180 - 2500
Moulding length (mm) 3000
Installed power (kW) 1,62
Machine dimensions(mm) 3333x870x1750
Machine weight (kg) 430
Gross machine weight (kg) 530

The machine basic version contains

  • stainless steel frame and platings
  • conveyor belts of length of approx. 3000 mm, 2000 mm and width of 200 mm
  • flour dredger
  • frequency converter for setting of belts' speeds


  • additional flour dredger
  • additional flour dredger + controlling ofdredgers with photocells