Intermediate Proofer IK

Intermediate Proofer IK

The intermediate proofer IK is designed for intermediate resting of wheaten and rye-wheaten
(with a content of rye flour up to 30%) dough pieces between round and final moulding operations,
allowing the products to obtain the optimal elasticity and structure required for high quality final moulding.


Complete adaptability to the requirements of the bakery concerning both space limitations and product's characteristics.

Automatic loading, adapted to the whole line's capacity.

Resting pockets made of a material preventing dough sticking and moisture

Easily removable resting pockets.

Germicide lamps preventing mildew.

Inspection window.

Easy access facilitating cleaning.

Teflon-coated dough transfer and out-feed system.

Technological and technical characteristics:*

Intermediate proofer equipped with single loading conveyor:

Low version IK 2429 mm
Middle version IK 2929 mm
High version IK 3429 mm
Nr. of effective pockets From 170 – 466
Capacity* 1345 pcs/h*, (max 1.800 pcs/h)
Proofing time *(min) 7,6 – 20,8

Intermediate proofer equipped with double loading conveyor:

Low version 2429 mm
Middle version 2929 mm
High version 3429 mm
Nr. of effective pockets from 158-450
Capacity* 2.690 pcs/h*, (max. 3.600 pcs/h)
Proofing time *(min 3,5-10

Different capacities, weight of dough pieces, resting time and nr. of effective pockets
available upon request.
* valid for 50 Hz

Basic version of the machine includes 1

  • loading V-shaped conveyor (single loading)
  • double loading (2 pockets at a time) with a single loading conveyor (diverting flap) (double loading)- Welded steel frame, painted
  • painted frame and swings
  • plastified platings
  • basic electrical equipment
  • 8 pockets per swing (weight range per pocket 100 – 1500 g)
  • adjustable speed of the proofer and loading conveyor


  • stainless steel frame and swings
  • stainless steel platings
  • stainless steel swings
  • ultraviolet lamps
  • two additional outlets
  • encoder

Special options

  • 12 pockets per swing
  • loading with a tandem loading conveyor
  • outlet flap
  • different heights
  • version for weight up to 2200 g


max. weight proofing (8 pockets per swing): up to 1500 g up to 30 min
proofing time; up to 1600 g from 12-15 min proofing time. For all other
cases should be consulted.
*valid for 50 Hz
1 Installed power 7 kVA, machine weight from 700 – 1600 kg