Long moulder VIPAVA 3000 / 500 RR

Long moulder VIPAVA 3000 / 500 RR

The long moulder VIPAVA RR is designed for moulding long loaves without end conclusions from rye-wheaten and other types of mixed dough.

VIPAVA 3000 RRM differs from the VIPAVA 2400 in its higher capacity.


Simple and quick adjustments.

Stainless steel frame and platings.

Inbuilt moulding conveyor with adjustable speed.

Easy accessible main mechanical components which make the cleaning and maintenance easier.

Sturdy construction ensures the machine’s long life-span even at an intensive use.

The machine is movable on castors.

Tehcnological and technical characteristics

Machine VIPAVA 3000 / 500 RRM
Machine capacity at 1200 g (pcs/h)* <3000
Weight of moulded dough pieces (g) 400-2500
Moulding length (mm) ** up to 450
Belt width (mm) 500
Installed power (kW) 1,77
Machine dimensions (mm) 3000x1080x1700
Machine weight (kg) 660

* Capacity depends on dough weight and type.
** Moulding length depends on dough weight and type.

Basic version of the VIPAVA 3000/500 RR includes

  • stainless steel frame and platings
  • two centring rollers
  • wrapping mesh
  • moulding board
  • Teflon coated lateral guides

Options for VIPAVA 3000/500 RR

  • inlet conveyor
  • outlet conveyor
  • seeds dredger with excess seeds recycling
  • extra manger with seed roller
  • flour dredger 400 R with continuously adjustable dredging intensity
  • warm air blowing device