Machine for long moulding Vipava Multi 700

Machine for long moulding Vipava Multi 700

Machine for long moulding VIPAVA MULTI 700 is siutiable for moulding of dough loaves from wheaten, mixed wheaten/rye and rye dough.
Because of it's sturdy construction, it is used in industrial lines as well as an independent machine.

The machine can mould wheaten dough and dough containing more than 50 % of rye flour in dough, i.e. through the head with rollers. The machine also moulds dough containing 100 % of rye flour, in this case without passing through rollers, but by moulding under the pressure board and the moulding conveyor.


Possibility of moulding different types of dough (wheaten, mixed wheaten-rye and rye).

Possibility of preassure boards' height and preassure boards' incline setting.

All machine parts in contact with dough are made of alimentary irreproachable materials preventing the dough from sticking.

Sturdy construction ensures a long life-cycle and possibility of intensive use.

Settting of moulding rollers speed and distance between rollers.

Easily accessible surfaces make the cleaning and maintenance easy.


Technological and technical characteristics

Machine capacity at 1000 g (pcs/h)* <3000
Weight of moulded dough pieces (g) 100-2000
Moulding length (mm)** <570 (at dough piece weight 2000 g)
Belt width (mm) 700
Machine dimensions (mm) 5500 x 1000 x 1850
Dimensions of packed machine (mm) 6250 x 1400 x 2300
Machine weight (kg) 1100
Gross weight (kg) 1420
Installed power (kW) 2,3 kW

*Capacity depends on dough weight and type.
**Moulding length depends on dough weight and type.

Basic version of VIPAVA MULTI 700 includes

  • stainless steel framework
  • centring rollers
  • machine head with 4 moulding rollers
  • wrapping conveyor
  • moulding mesh
  • pressure board (double cone)
  • moulding conveyor (1000 mm)
  • side lateral guides
  • inlet conveyor

Options for VIPAVA MULTI 700

  • outlet conveyor
  • warm air blowing device
  • additional lateral guides (different height)
  • flour dredger
  • frequency converter for flour dredger
  • additional pressure board (single cone)

Available versions of VIPAVA MULTI 700

  • 2 pressure boards
  • 1 pressure board & 1 moulding conveyor
  • 2 moulding conveyors